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2022 Harvest

"Thanks to Nature our cup is full!"

This year we are joyfully celebrating a wonderful harvest across the whole Champagne region.

Mild weather in February and March gave us a gentle start to Spring. We were a bit worried when we got a  sharp frost (-1c) at the beginning of April but fortunately no damage was done. Having had plenty of rain before Easter fine hot weather set in and laster all summer with hardly any rain -  just 77mm in two months. 

Flowering started on the 19th of May and was in full bloom at the end of the month. 90 days later exactly, on the 31st August we were harvesting a very abundant crop of healthy, perfectly ripe grapes. Our team of 16 picked a grand total  of 76 374 kg of grapes in nine and a half days. After two difficult years, we are very grateful to Nature for providing such a bountiful crop.

Vendange 2022
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