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For many years now, the environment and biodiversity have been core to our management strategy. We are proud to say that hard work was recognised when the CHAMPAGNE JEAN VALENTIN estate was awarded the 'Haute Valeur Environnementale and the Viticulture Durable en Champagne' Certification.

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But we are not sitting on our laurels, we are continually improving our carbon footprint and seeking innovative ways to protect our vineyard, manage our waste and reduce water consumption. We understand that it is a journey and so we are constantly evaluating our methods and improving our techniques. To cite a few, we are:


  • Eliminating all chemical fertilisers from our vineyard !


  • Only applying organic fertilizers derived from cattle manure or bark compost !


  • Mulching with shredded pruning waste from our own vines which improves soil texture and limits erosion !


  • Ploughing between the vines, wherever possible, thus drastically reducing the use of weedkillers !


  • Using Sexual Confusion Technology, already widely used in organic farming, which targets only certain insects that are particularly damaging to the crop, without spraying or harming others !


  • Managing waste water both from the vinification process and machinery maintenance, through our local collective, thus ensuring no untreated water enters the local environment !

  • Encouraging native flora on the margins of our vines to improve biodiversity and wildlife corridors.

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