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The 'Champagne Jean Valentin' spirit, is the passion for a Traditional Champagne

Passion and tradition are the key characteristics of Champagne Jean Valentin. Champagne is by definition a French wine and can only be made in the Champagne region of France. Our wine is the result of the infinite care and attention provided by our team, just four people, who attend the vines and oversee the vinification process in our cellar. Nothing is left to chance, except the weather… We personally welcome everyone who visits us and we will guide you through a tasting event that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of our very best wines and the local way of life.


Champagne always makes your celebration just that more special. Our customers tell us that they not only open a bottle when they want to celebrate their special occasions such as birthdays and marriages but also enjoy it in more informal and relaxed gatherings of friends and family.


Providing a good wine to your guests is a pleasure in itself and as the old saying goes in Champagne 'we share a coupe of Champagne' or 'Champagne is the wine that creates new friendships'. The secret is in the crafting of those fine little bubbles that induce joy and good humour essential for being open to others.


We hope that we have convinced you that, whatever the occasion, our Champagnes will always be there for you and through this the bond that unites us will endure too !

Edith, Gilles et Brice VALENTIN

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