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Our vineyards can be found in the villages of Sacy and Germigny situated on chalk that was laid down 135 to 65 million years ago during the Cetacea period. At that time the sea covered the Champagne region and marine deposits, up to 200m thick were gradually built up. When the Paris basin subsided around 70 million years ago, these deposits turned into chalk.


This combination of the mother rock, chalk and the most northern vineyards in France are the magical mother of Champagne !


Chalk has the following very special properties which suit the vines:

  • it crumbles easily and facilitates drainage. It is a natural reservoir as it distributes water through its capillaries in small quantities in times of drought and drains excess water into the ground when very wet.

  • it is a thermal regulator, warmed by the sun in the daytime, it radiates heat during the night which helps growth.

  • the vines have adapted to the chalk and this creates a balance between the different acids, sugars and basic aromas that will be developed later in the vinification process.



Our vineyards have been passed down from the estates of Jean VALENTIN, born in Sacy and his wife, Fernande who came from Germigny. In all, we now cultivate five hectares, most of them situated in the 'Premier Cru' in Sacy, Ecueil, Ville-Dommange and Germigny. The three principal champagne cepages are represented in the following proportions:

photo Pinot noir pour Teste Le terroir_edited.jpg

LE MEUNIER : (40% of our vineyard)

This name comes from the particularity of the white flowery down that covers the leaves of this variety of grape. The Meunier is only cultivated in Champagne and has a distinct intense bouquet with floral and white fruit undertones such as apple and pear. Wine from this cepage develops quickly and thus is the dominant grape in wines that are to be drunk young such as our BRUT TRADITION.

LE PINOT NOIR : (33% of our vineyard)

As the name suggests this is a black grape, that used to be called 'Noirien' and imparts an intense yellow colour to the wine which veers towards gold with age. It also brings body and strength to the wine and is thus appreciated for the more robust wines which can be aged such as our BRUT SÉLECTION or the BRUT MILLÉSIME.

LE CHARDONNAY : (27% of our vineyard)

The Chardonnay is a white grape and was previously known as Blanc de Champagne or Gentil Blanc. It makes a lighter, very subtle wine which ages well. This is indispensable for older wines such as BRUT MILLÉSIME or the GRANDE RÉSERVE as well as the BLANC DE BLANCS SAINT AVERTIN which is only made from chardonnay.

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