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Harvest 2023

"Harvest 2023 : an amazing vintage after a year of monitoring"

A complicated vintage for everyone in Champagne

 Winter 2022 in Champagne alternated between mild and cold spells. The first vine leaves appeared at the end of April. Spring was cool and rainy, with thunderstorms in the last fortnight of May. Thanks to this weather, we avoided spring frosts!

Vine growth was slow, with barely one leaf spreading per week. 


We quickly saw mildew spots appear on the leaves. However, with average temperatures in May not exceeding 11.5°C, we were able to contain the development of this fungus. The high temperatures of June and July were conducive to the complete disappearance of the disease.

The 2023 harvest was exceptional in terms of agronomic yield and average bunch weight: 200 to 260 g per bunch, compared with 110 to 140 g for a typical year.

 Given the load on the vine, we knew at the time of flowering that the harvest would be late.

August was a succession of periods of rain and hot temperatures, leading to the proliferation of another fungus: Botrytis (or grey rot), as well as the development of acid rot around 5-10 September. Unfortunately, these affected plots could not be picked.

We would like to thank our 16 pickers who did a remarkable job sorting the grapes on the vine. We picked 75,880 kilos in 9 days and the degrees in the vatting house were above 9. The juice was easy to extract... Great vintages are in store!

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